ROAD TRIP!!! With the #ChevyVolt (and two kids)


We couldn't think of a better way to test a car...to really see how it would fit into our life...to get a feel for what it's made of...to see how that battery-to-gas thing works...We're taking this puppy straight up the gut of California!

LA -> Fresno -> Blackhawk and back again.

Four days.   In a car stuffed with two ABBA-loving, Harry Potter obsessed 9 year olds, two adults, and all the crap...er...luggage required.  

We'll report back on things like:

  • Without all that engine noise to block out your kids, do you want to kill them?
  • What's the MPH really like?  Does it really get 50 miles per charge and 43 MPG on the gas engine?
  • How does that little Volt do chugging up over the Grapevine?  Does it wheeze and sputter like a golf cart or does it charge right along?
  • Where are the charging stations?  How do you find them?
  • Since we're regular people (albeit slightly tech-geeky), what are the pluses and minuses of the car in everyday life?
Here's a POSITIVE:

Excellent trunk space (and btw the backseats fold down if you need to haul some stuff around).  

I realized after uploading the photo that it's not that impressive without an inventory...four medium sized suitcases, two down coats, a full computer backpack, a giant grocery bag of food, and Jewel (an enormous stuffed dog).

Stay tuned for more info.  And if there's something you've been wondering about the Chevy Volt feel free to ask in the comments.

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