Me and My Monkeys


MTV VJ's: Oral History

This is the best news ever.  Some people have their Kardashians, I had my MTV VJs.







It struck me odd that they have their own cruisers. Why, I wonder...


my sister-in-law made this

Every Christmas we celebrate by replicating another country's traditional holiday meal.  This year - from our kitchen - we explored Spain.  Of course, we always add a little flair.  This year, my sister-in-law (our family's Ace of Cakes) made a replica of Gaudi's Parc Guell out of gingerbread.  This photo is taken before the kids destroyed it...I mean, ate it.



2012: the year that will be

I love a new year.  I love the feeling of celebrating the one that was and welcoming the newbie.  Every January offers me an opportunity to recalibrate and charge headlong at a new set of goals.  "I'll finally lose that extra weight."  "I'll set up 10 projects this year."  "I'll be a better mom [in ways that are many, varied and half-realistic]." It's invigorating.  It's hopeful.  And then February hits...

This post is beginning one of my many goals: I'll finally blog.  For a whole year, I'll post many interesting and wonderful stories.  And my posts will always be accompanied by an artsy photo. 


My observations will be pithy. People will laugh.  They'll check back. Or better yet subscribe! 

Here's to 2012 being the year I lose my middle-age 30 pounds.  Set up 10 projects.  Be the better mom in at least three of the ways I wish.  And keep posting about it.  


Two healthy meals, vigorous morning work-out

one blogpost

both kids lept out of the car this morning, happy and excited to go back to school

quiet lunch with my wife