10 days with no hot water

(NOTE: Originally written on 2.4.2008 & decided to show up today!)

As of Monday, we have hot water!!!

Why in the world did we have no hot water for 10 days? Where do we live - a third world country?? Was there some sort of natural disaster that destroyed our hot water heater?


The sole reason we were without hot water for so long -- with two sick 5 year olds -- was thanks to the G.E. (that's GENERAL ELECTRIC!!!) inept service department. Guess what, we're lucky enough (please hear the sarcasm) to have a hot water heater still under G.E. warranty!

Here's how it began. Friday afternoon. No hot water. A plumber visits and tells us that he can't work on the hot water heater because it's under warranty and if he replaces any parts it would void the warranty. He tells Monica to call the G.E. service line.

4 hours later....

Monica is down on her knees, in the rain, with a wrench doing all sorts of this's and that's to the hot water heater in order to diagnose the problem. The fella on the other end thinks he knows what the problem is. It could be one of two interrelated parts. He won't send both. He asks Monica to call him back Sunday afternoon so they can finish the diagnosis and he can Fedex out the parts on Monday.

Sunday - Monica convinces the guy to send both parts. She's no plumber but she one heck of a sweet talker!

Tuesday -- only one part arrives. The wrong one. Monica gets on the phone - yet again - with the parts department. Two hours later - some numbskull claims the part was sent. He gives Monica a bogus tracking number. She calls a supervisor to complain and FINALLY the correct part is shipped.

Wednesday - the part arrives!! We celebrate! We think euphorically of hot baths. But the plumber can't come til Thursday.

Thursday. Plumber. Parts replaced. Problem not fixed. The plumber gets on the phone with G.E. He spends an hour with the service dept representative having this argument:

"Those parts didn't fix the problem."

"Yes, they did." says G.E.

"No they didn't. I'm standing right here. It's the igniter."

"Yes, they did." says G.E.

"I don't understand why you won't just send the parts."

"I can't understand you. Your accent is too strong." says G.E.

Finally - when the plumber was ready to huck the phone - Monica jumped in to play "interpreter". She believed she managed to get the part ordered. Unfortunately, the Nazi at G.E. wouldn't give us a tracking number or confirm which day it would arrive (Friday or Saturday).

Friday - no part.

Saturday - PART!!! No plumber... =(

Sunday - SUPER BOWL!!!!

Monday - part, plumber, hot water!!!! YAY!!

The lesson - don't let some numbnuts in the Midwest diagnose a plumbing problem over the phone. And - perhaps most importantly - don't buy a G.E. water heater.

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