10 days with no hot water

(NOTE: Originally written on 2.4.2008 & decided to show up today!)

As of Monday, we have hot water!!!

Why in the world did we have no hot water for 10 days? Where do we live - a third world country?? Was there some sort of natural disaster that destroyed our hot water heater?


the first day of kindergarten

(NOTE: This was originally written on 9.10.2008 & decided to show up today).

I have a few vivid memories about Kindergarten.

I remember standing on the porch - more than once - crying my eyes out and throwing the world's largest hissy fit because I did not want to go to school in the dress my mother had forced me to wear. My Mom was sympathetic to me the first few times but as my fits progressed, she would just leave me out on the porch until I was going to be late for school. Then she'd gripe under her breath, toss me in the car, drive the 1/4 mile to school and drop me off. In my mother's defense, I could throw on heck of a hissy fit.


(NOTE: This was originally written a year ago - June 2009 - and for some reason decided to show up today)

We hosted a pot-luck brunch yesterday and our contribution was the "Bacon Explosion", which we learned about thanks to the New York Times. It was so goooooooooddddddddd, I'm blogging about it!
If you click on the title for this blog post it will take you to the home sit for Bacon Explosion. I worked off of this recipe but doctored it a little.