Dear Blog: Will You Take Me Back?

I've neglected you, blog. I have. I got distracted by the pretty new kid in town. OK, ok, I dumped you for Facebook. I did. But who could blame me? FB - sorry to use a pet name in front of you -- was just so beguiling. I can post pithy little one-liners about my day or what's going on in my life. And people (who call themselves my "friends") post snarky and sometimes even meaningful responses. Immediately. I can browse their status updates at redlights or when I'm bored with the person sitting across from me...It's just fun! I mean, of course, you were fun too... And, yes, it's true FB was the gateway that led me to the Twitter. And, yes...I TWEET! There I said it. I feel better. I know you probably don't like to hear these things but, for goddsakes, your adoptive parents are Google so you know exactly what I've been up to. Don't just sit here pretending you haven't been cataloging my every last move. Tell the truth - you've been stalking me. Every once in awhile you'll pop up in a Google search. I saw you just the other day saying "HELLO?! Remember me????"

That's why I'm here. With a little click of my mouse, I followed you home. I know you quietly watched me as I read over old blog posts, remembering the precious moments I took the time to write down.

Well, I'm here to say I'm back!

I won't give up the fb and the twitter but, we're just friends...I SWEAR!! What do you say, blog? Can you give them a chance? Perhaps, we can all live together happily.

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