6 month check-in on the New Year's Resolutions

It's been a weird week. Farrah and Michael in the same day. Two icons (not my icons but icons nonetheless) from my childhood buying the farm in the same day. It made me pause to evaluate. I have a good life so what it fueled was a 6 month check-in on my New Year's goals. I'm one of those people that loves New Year's resolutions. It's the opportunity to set new goals and also pat yourself on the head for goals achieved. This year, my meta-goal - or the leitmotif of my goals - is to carve out "me" time. It's probably the wish of everyone. This year, rather than longing for it, I decided to define it and go after it. Three seemingly simple desires:
  • reclaim my body
  • make time to indulge my intellectual curiosity
  • start knocking off items the "I wish I could do this...." list
So how am I doing?