The Prop H8 of it all

Yesterday the CA Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8. I was driving Ella to school in the car listening to KPCC as the news came across the wires at 10am. We listened to the disappointed moans & groans of those on the courthouse steps as the news was delivered that Prop 8 stood. Then we heard the panicked questions, "What about the marriages? What'd they say about the marriages?!" We had to wait a grueling 30 seconds or so to learn the fate of our family's marriage. As we all know, we were grandfathered in along with 18,000 other couples.
Monica and I remain married.

In The Monkeys' minds, with us still being married, all was right in the world. They're 6 and don't see much beyond their immediate circle. They didn't entirely understand why we were dragging them out to West Hollywood last night to march in the streets. Once we explained what the ruling actually meant they got busy making protest signs. My little beauties LOVE a protest. They've got the chants down pat and they deliver them with firey passion!

It's interesting what's happened in the world since November. Between our new President, the crappy economy, and California's near bankruptcy I find myself surrounded by people who are (re)discovering their activist nature. I got a series of emails that were part condolence, part what can I do? I encouraged people to march in the streets with their children (which some did), to donate money, or to turn to the Courage Campaign for inspiration.
With today's news of the the Federal Court filings challenging Prop 8's validity and the engagement of the populace on local, state, and national issues...it's weird but I'm actually feeling hopeful.

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