the missing "toof"

On August 20, 2008 Ella lost her first tooth (or "toof" as she likes to say). For about a month she claimed the tooth hurt when she bit into things. And then she started to say it was loose. We inspected many times but couldn't see any true signs of loose toothness. But, hey, it's not our tooth so what do we know?!

About a week before the big day, Ella began wiggling it like crazy! It completely grossed me out. Blood oozing out from the gums. Ick. But she wasn't deterred. She was only 100% excited. Zoe followed her sisters missing tooth like it was election coverage and diligently delivered status reports on the state of the wiggly tooth.

On August 20th, while biting into a hot dog "coins" (our term for sliced hot dogs) her tooth fell out. There were a series of phone calls to tell me the news but this was one of my conference call days -- you know, one those days that just ends up being a series of never ending group phone calls. Finally, Monica sent me an IM with the news "Ella just lost her tooth". I, of course, told everyone on the conference call!

That night, the Tooth Fairy visited. It left sparkley Fairy Dust all over the house as it searched for Ella's tooth. Ella left it in a treasure box beside the bed with a kind note asking the Tooth Fairy to deliver a present but please leave the tooth behind. The Tooth Fairy must've been utterly charmed by the note because It left the tooth behind!

Zoe was the first to wake up (before the sun) and it took every ounce of her strength NOT to search for what the Tooth Fairy left. She was more excited than she is even on Christmas morning. She managed to contain herself until sunrise and then she woke Ella up! Ella was thrilled with the dollar coin the Tooth Fairy left but had much more fun searching the house for all the spots the Tooth Fairy visited (marked by a dusting of sparkley Fairy Dust).

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