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Zoe and Ella learned to swim yesterday.

It happened kinda like how the whole crawling-standing-walking thing did. There were mile markers in place and, if we had the whole two summers worth of swimming on video to analyze, we could probably document them clearly. But yesterday -- it all just clicked.

It started earlier in the week when I had to make a late night run with them to Target to get new bathing suits because we thought the next day was "sprinkler day" at summer camp. They've been cramming themselves into size 4 hand-me-down bathing suits for like a year now and there was just no way they could go to school looking like over-stuffed grapes. The reason why the new bathing suits are significant is that prior to this, the girls had been "swimming" in these super cool Speedo bathing suits that have built in flotation devices. With the new bathing suits - there's just no way we'll ever get them to wear those Speedo's again.

So there we were yesterday in Lisa & Joe's pool. It was two hours of dog-paddling, clinging on to me, floating on noodles when Zoe decided she wanted to jump to me from the side of the pool. First leap - I'm in the middle of the pool and the kid practically lands on my head! By about the third leap, she asks me to scoot back, takes a shallower leap, does a psuedo-bellyflop and SWIMS TO ME! She popped her little face up out of the water when she got to me and was just beaming! We made everyone at the party watch Zoe's new trick. I'm sure it was annoying but I don't care!

Maybe 45 minutes later. Ella - whose been watching all this and cheering Zoe on, is just kind of standing in the middle of the pool. She puts on these blue goggles, says "Watch this mama!" dunks her face in the water and starts doing an absolutely perfect frog stroke! Like she's been doing it for her whole life. Of course, we made everyone at the party watch this as well!

By the end of the day, they were giving (psuedo) swim lessons to one of the other kids. Encouraging her and showing her how they do things. Once Sofia seemed to get it, it all turned into a competition with each of them challenging the other to do things -- like: "Watch, I'm going to put my face in the water and do push-ups!" The three of them put on quite a show for us.

This morning Zoe said to me, "Mama I want to take swim lessons so I can learn to do tricks!"

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