Sprecher endorses Clinton!!!

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is a big day!!! I know many of you are undecided about who you'll be voting for. I thought I'd take a moment to tell you why I am supporting Hillary Clinton and why I believe she is the candidate who can change our country's direction and get us on the right path.

There are many, many problems that the next President is going to have to solve. I bet we each have one or two of them that we think are more important than the others. To me, the biggest problem our country faces is international rather than domestic. The United States has lost its place in the world as the go-to super-power. We are no longer the stewards of diplomacy. I believe all of our foreign policy missteps are what's crippling the economy. I don't think we can solve our domestic problems until we tackle the international ones. I believe Hillary Clinton has the experience and the relationships to make quick, fast strides on the international front. You may be sick of hearing the stump speech about Senator Clinton's experience but just stick with me for a moment because she does have more experience than any person I've seen run for President.

I read several articles in the New York Times prior to Senator Clinton's campaign launch. The articles spoke of the depth of Hillary's relationships with foreign leaders - how well liked she is and how well respected. I tried to track down the articles to share with you but lost the wrestling match with the NY Times website. Damn them! I'll keep looking so if you're interested in reading them just let me know. But what I realized is that as a first-term President she would come in to the position with deep, familiar relationships with world leaders, their administrations and an ongoing dialogue. She has high-level, personal relationships that Barack Obama doesn't. The only way we can get out of Iraq and solve some of the other HUGE problems facing our nation is with help from other nations. I believe Hillary - using these relationships - can build bridges and do so quickly.

I also support Senator Clinton's domestic plans but - as the debates last week showed - there's very little difference between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama on domestic issues. They just have very different ways of speaking about their solutions to problems and, frankly, I appreciate that Hillary can speak more specifically about how she would tackle any given problem.

The Democrats have a wealth of riches this year. Clinton and Obama are both viable, exciting candidates. Don't get sucked into the chatter of who can beat who or any of the other arm-chair quarterbacking you can find on the news networks. Look at what's happened thus far in these primaries -- YOUR VOTE COUNTS and none of those hot airbags know anything. And -- to me -- it's incredibly exciting.

Before you go to the polls take a moment, go to http://www.HillaryClinton.com and read up on Hillary's positions. When you choose who to vote for, choose the candidate that you believe can put our country on the right track. Personally, I feel that person is Hillary Clinton.

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