the police sing-a-long

We went to see the Police at Dodger stadium on Saturday night...it was SO MUCH FUN! That Sting just looks better and better. He's a walking advertisement for the benefits of yoga. We got amazing seats and were 20th row dead center. It was one giant sing-a-long with 55,000 people. If you click on the title of the blog it'll take you to a YouTube video (not mine) of the opening song - "Message In A Bottle". It's crappy quality but you get a good sense of the sing-a-long aspect.

It doesn't seem like the set list has changed much over the course of the tour. Here's the Dodger Stadium run-down. Three encores.

The Police Setlist for Dodger Stadium (6/23/07)

"Message In A Bottle" (this is the only Police song Zoe and Ella know. It seemed somehow fitting to us that the Police chose to open with the ditty that is on heavy rotation at our house thanks for Guitar Hero II)

"Synchronicity II" (to me this was probably their most rockin number. I thought, overall, that they shied or is it shyed away from their punk rock/new wave roots and went into these extendo-jazzy interludes that just softened the music. This was the one song where they didn't give it a gauze filter).

"Walking on the Moon" (Totally holds up. And I think since this is one of the Police songs that feels the most like it could've been on one of Sting's solo albums they didnt feel a need to go all jazzy with it.)

"Voices Inside My Head" (LOVE that they pulled this one out of the box. Such a great song.)

"When the World is Running Down" (Niiiiceeee.....)

"Don't Stand So Close" (They played the jazzy remixed version off the greatest hits record. Why mess with something as perfect as the original version of this song?? Honestly, did I mind?? No, I completely sang at the top of my lungs the whole way thru.)

"Driven to Tears" (Even the jazzy little interludes couldnt kill it!)

"The Bed Is Too Big" (Niiiiccceeeee)

"Truth Hits Everybody" (A complete surprise to me. Couldnt believe they went so far back and grabbed this one. LOVED it. They played it true. And it just ROCKED).

"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" (Such a groovy number. I broke into the full-on 80's bouncy dance for this one!)

"Wrapped Around Your Finger" (Gotta love when Stuart Copeland breaks out the weird tinkly percussion instruments. He's something else. A show all by himself banging away back there. He must've gone thru 100 sets of drumsticks. Fierce!)

"De Do Do Do De Da Da Da" (The ultimate sing-a-long song...)

"Invisible Sun" (Always loved this song. I thought the super-imposing of Sting's face over those of suffering children was a little heavy-handed. Ugh. Who do you think you are, Bono??)

"Walking In Your Footsteps" (I think they grabbed the graphics from the 80s. They had these giant animated dinosaur feet walking across the video screens. Um, retarded!! To make up for it, I sang louder.)

"Can't Stand Losing You" (This is where the jazzy interludes completely ruined what was a fun, upbeat, slighty punkish number. We you go into the chorus on this song - it goes all driving guitar on ya - well, not in the live version. It was the one moment where Andy Summers felt 64).

"Roxanne" (Even Sting's jazzy scatting couldnt kill it.)

"King of Pain" (Again, I LOVE that Stuart Copeland and his crazy array of percussion instruments. You go Stuart!)

"So Lonely" (See "Cant Stand Losing You" comments and apply here.)

"Every Breath You Take" (Never a favorite Police song but the crowd LOVED it.)

"Next To You" (Loved this! At the very end, Andy finally went all punk rock with it!! It was awesome. I'm not sure why he waiting until the finally 45 seconds of the show to finally let loose. It was a great choice for a closing number. And, if they had wanted, the crowd would've stayed for another hour.)

The videos are - obviously - courtesy of YouTube. Thanks to those people who are in the modern times with their cellphones that have video! You rock!

A note on the Foo Fighters - they rocked it so hard! I heart that Dave Grohl. He lept off the stage in the middle of "Stacked Actor" and ran all around the floor of Dodger Stadium playing his guitar. It was excellent! And gutsy! A fella can get mauled by a bunch of loaded 40 year old women. We don't get out much. We're way scarier then those catty 20-somethings he's used to!

Perhaps the ultimate Foo Fighters compliment came from Monica (a born music critic): "Hmmm, I never thought much of them before seeing them live. They're really good!"

It was a really, really fun night. Don't let my criticisms fool you. This show was a long time coming for me. I was supposed to see the Police on the Synchronicity tour (The Police / Thompson Twins / The Fixx @ Radclyffe Stadium in Fresno) and was diagnosed with viral pnemonia the morning of the show. I WAS SO BUMMED! Saturday's show didn't disappoint me one bit.

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