the police sing-a-long

We went to see the Police at Dodger stadium on Saturday night...it was SO MUCH FUN! That Sting just looks better and better. He's a walking advertisement for the benefits of yoga. We got amazing seats and were 20th row dead center. It was one giant sing-a-long with 55,000 people. If you click on the title of the blog it'll take you to a YouTube video (not mine) of the opening song - "Message In A Bottle". It's crappy quality but you get a good sense of the sing-a-long aspect.


some stink eye for ya!

Over Memorial Day we went camping at Pismo with a big ole group of peeps. I think there were 40 of us, taking up four campsites. It was a blast. Ella and Zoe (unlike their mothers) are natural campers. These pictures are from the end of the trip. Here's one that Zoe took of Ella and I making our meanest faces...u scared?!?!

Oh, I'm wearing the gangsta looking hoodie b/c it was frickin freezing!! It was in the high 40s at night / high 60s in the day. We were better prepared for the cold this year. Fleece liners for the sleeping bags, warm hats to sleep in, fleece...fleece...and more fleece!!
Zoe's become quite the photographer lately. Her favorite thing is to set up her animals and take still life portraits of them. Here are her "friends" Lambie and Loveheart getting ready to go home.

And, lastly, I took this one of Zoe and Ella -- making some their meanest faces EVER. I'm scared of these kids!!