frat house parenting, or how many edamame can you fit in your mouth?

This evening we created a jovial competition of sorts in an effort to get Ella to eat some vegetables. It began with, "I bet you can't fit three edamame beans in your mouth at once..." which Ella increased to 5, 8, 11, and then 14 beans. Well, Zoe loves a good competition and so she matched Ella's 14 and then had Monica stuff one more edamame bean in her mouth. Not to be outdone, Ella asked if she could try for 15 as well. We gently crammed 15 edamame beans in her tiny little bird mouth. We watched her closely to make sure that she wouldn't choke, all the while pleased we stumbled on to this new game - one that might help add a vegetable other than mac & cheese to Ella's diet. Ella stood atop her little table, proudly watching herself chew her edamame, her cute little chipmunk cheeks bulging, thrilled that she'd tied her sister's record....Next thing we know she's spitting up edamame! Literally blowing little green chunks all over the kitchen wall. It was kind of like when, after shotgunning a beer, you intend to have a teeny tiny little burp and end up bringing up half a beer...remember that? We tried to be all nonchalant about it but ended up howling! "We made her barf! Can you believe we made her hurl?!"

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