plaground ethics

Ella got smacked on the side of the head with a plastic shovel by a kid at preschool the other day. A huge bruise emerged on her right temple a day or so later. She cried when it happened but didn't tell the teacher about it...nor did she hit back. Monica - sorcerer that she is - managed to get out of Ella what happened. I can tell you that I wanted (and still really, really, really want to) throttle the little shit that did it. Throwing something at one of my monkeys, slugging them, I'll even give ya biting - that all falls within normal preschool playground misdeeds. But clocking a kid on the side of the head WITH A SHOVEL so hard that it bruises the side of the face?!?! That falls in the land of future serial killer & I think I should be able to (lightly) smack the kid on the side of the head with said shovel...Pushing it? Probably punishable with jail time you say? OK, then, how about this: is it considered "bad parenting" if I give Ella and/or Zoe permission to clock the kid with, say, a playground truck? Maybe run the kid over with one of the huge industrial-sized playground tricycles (I could just politely instruct them not to swerve if the kid should happen to be in their path...). It's wrong to retaliate against a three year old right? If the little scrapper does it again, I'm going to name a blog after said abuser and slander the kid all over the web!! That'll learn 'em!


Brett said...

At our previous home, we had a neighbor kid everyone on our street called "Damian." I once saw him pick up a broomstick and break it over the back of an unsuspecting playmate. I saw the episode from across teh street, so there is zero doubt about intent. When I ran over to tend the injured kid, the injured kid's mom came rushing into the garage (she'd been 15 feet around the corner, planting flowers), I told her what happened, and Damian started screaming "nuh uh! it was an accident! He tried to take the stick away and it slipped!"

I grabbed the punk-assed little demon and dragged him kicking and screaming to his home, two houses away. His mom seemed shocked that I'd brought him home. Ten minutes later she's knocking at my door, explaining that her husband was furious that I'd tried to discipline their child.

"Why can;t your husband deliver his own messages?" I asked.

"Well, he's at home, and he's very upset."

"Well, then I'll come on down and he can give me whatever piece of his mind he thinks he can spare."

I tromped down the street where this pathetic weasel stammered and stuttered and made excuses for his hideous beast of a child. Finally, I just held up my hand.

"OK, here's a compromise. If you and your shrew of a wife and your psycopathic hellspawn child will just stay away from my family and off my property, we'll never have to deal with each other again. And if ever I see your little bastard so much as *breathe* the wrong way at one of my kids, I'll handle it as I deem appropriate, and you can then respond however you like."

I turned and walked away and never did speak to them again.

Two months later they put their house up for sale, after an episode where Damian apparently broke another neighbor child's tooth when he hit him in the mouth with a tennis racket.

They live somewhere in Louisiana now. I keep watching the news for word of some "unforseen tragedy" wherein some poor misunderstood boy accidentally beat some playmate to death using a garden rake.

It's staggering and a tiny bit terrifying to see and consider what sorts of people some of our peers are unleashing upon the world.

Love DADDY said...

Be careful Mom. Before you know it Ella will be dating said kid. LOL!!