you & everyone you know -- VOTE!

Alright people - I read a truly disturbing editorial in the NY Times today ("The System's Broken" by Bob Herbert) that basically said people are so sick of divisive politics that they're just not going to vote. I hate this approach. How can we let the blowhards win? All of these "right-wingers" and "left-wing nutjobs" with their own talk shows have turned politics into something completely unpalatable. So here's what I ask - make sure that everyone you know votes. Call, email, write - create a carpool to the voting stations. If you're not old enough to vote or if you're of voting age and actually not registered to vote (shame on you!! but that'll be a different blog) - then make sure all those around you who are registered: VOTE. The scary thing is not who is President or who is in Congress - the scary thing is all this crap that's being slipped into law thru ballot measures that no one can understand. Crap that isn't in the interest of everyday citizens. Don't let the blowhard win -- VOTE.