the monkeys stroll with cinderella

We took the monkeys to Disneyland on Monday. It was a lovely day. We went with a completely zen approach to the whole thing. Although, Monica did have the personal appearance schedule of every character...so much so that you would have thought she was their personal publicist. Anyway, the one potential drag of the day is that we decided to take the Disneyland Train from Toon Town (which now ocmpletely blows) to the front entrance...ok, FORTY MINUTES LATER, we board the train. I've never taken this train before. After waiting FORTY MINUTES -- 15 of which is spent actually sitting on the train waiting for them to get another train up and running -- they take us through this completely terrifying dinosaur exhibit. It's dark & smelly and features lots of pictures of mama dinosaurs protecting their babies from predators...yes, completely SCARRING TO THREE YEAR OLDS! We get off the train and Monica immediately spots Cinderella doing an autograph session. While the girls gawk at her like moonies, I wait in line for a photo-op. When I get to the front, Cinderella announces that she's moving on. Just about that time the cute little monkeys scurry up to me and she realizes I'm not some deranged lesbian stalker but the mom of ridiculously cute twins (btw, the lesbian stalker and her boyfriend were in line in front of us before they got tired of waiting and moved on). Cinderella took one look at my adoring monkeys, and grabbed them by the hands and asked "Would you walk with me?". Their little hearts melted. They just beamed. She took them by the hands and whisked them off thru the park, back towards Sleeping Beauty's castle. The video is short & grainy. You have to imagine Ella & Zoe's beaming little faces..but do taken notice of all the groupies swirling behind Cinderella.

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