The US Festival / Van Halen

A little gossip about the below post (Van Halen @ the US Festival) -- supposedly, DLR was so wasted that he was forgetting lyrics, (over)vamping onstage, he almost fell in to the audience at one point. As the show progressed he was staggering around with a bottle of Jack and forgot that he was "performing". Eddie, et al (who were no saints themselves, mind you) were just completely pissed off. This must've come early in the set, when Dave was still making sense.

I recently discovered YouTube.com. It is a gold mine of bootleg videos. If you get the chance to log on, search for the Clash's set at the US Festival (I downloaded the audio of whole set on Napster back in the day). It was AWESOME! It's the Clash at it's finest. Strummer taunting the audience! Sweet stuff.

Now that I figured out how to add these nuggets to the blog...stay tuned!

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