my easter weekend

I spent all day Saturday with the monkeys. We went to adventureplex (a three-story hamster habitrail for kids) and, amazingly, they were still standing after 4 hours weaving our way through all the mazes. So we popped in on Aghi and George - who live nearby. It was a beautiful day at the beach and since George lives THREE HOUSES from the sand Aghi & I wandered down with the monkeys. It was a ridiculously beautiful, warm day. The girls slowly shed their clothes. First their pants so that they were frolicking in their princess panties and t-shirts. When it looked liked they might get the shirts wet (being that I didn't have a change) I stripped them down to just the briefs. Ella was getting quite daring -- running out into the scrum without having to hold hands! As Aghi and I were standing there chatting a "big wave" (as the girls have come to call it) came in and knocked them on their heinies. They were grabbing on to my legs so it's not like they were in any real danger. Aghi and I scooped them up but they were soaked and had panties full of sand. I stripped them down completely and they proceeded to frolick in the sand and water for another half hour or so. They made sand angels (like snow angels...only in the sand!), they built sandcastles, and most importantly got sand in every crook & crevice. It was a wonderful day.

Here are some photos of the adventure.

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Brett said...


Sand and naked daughters do not mix -- this I have learned. Cleaning a 3 year old girl who has played on a sandy beach is not something that any dad should ever be asked to do.

I still wake up shaking and sobbing sometimes.

The horror... the horror...

PS-- cool shirt of yours. Sendak rocks muchly.