birthday cold...who cares?!

I've decided that birthdays and holidays are definitely better when you have kids. I got great presents today. But the best moment was when my monkeys said "Happy Birthday Mama!" and then gave me big birthday hugs and kisses. I didn't even mind that they were smearing my face with their germy little snotty noses. (I am the only non-sick person in our house). And if I end up with a birthday cold...ah, who cares!


KarinGal said...

Hoooooooray for your new post! Glad to see new content and pictures of the beauties. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Samantha! See you very soon...

Brett said...

Cool pics, and yeah, kids make certain special days seem a lot more special.

They can also make long days feel even more long, but that's an entirely different topic. ;-)

Cool to see you still among the world of the blogging.