their first posse

We returned to our old PLB stomping grounds (Park La Brea, for those of you who are non-Angelinos) for trick-or-treating. PLB is to Halloween trick-or-treating what Disneyland is to theme parks...it ROCKED! It was swarming with kids in costumes and the girls got to travel in their first posse (see photo). The girl in the yellow dress is their b.f. Tess. And yes, that is Princess Lea right there in the mix and what you can't see from the picture is how AMAZING her wig was.

Zoe & Ella totally got trick-or-treating. We did a practice run and popped by Darrien & Robert's house. Zoe & Ella were very proud of their costumes and showed them off but they were very meek in the their "trick or treat". It was almost a whisper. We coached them, encouraged them to yell "TRICK OR TREAT!" and "THANK YOU!". And, sure enough, by the evening's end they were screaming both with glee. On top of it, when people guessed their costumes incorrectly -- Ella let them know: "I'm Cinderella and she's Tinkerbell!" (with "you idiot" implied in the tone).

After two days of sugar binge-ing I have no shame in admitting I hid the remainder of their candy in the front closet and allowed them to forget it ever existed. I realize this approach won't work next year when they're nearly 4 and not so forgetful!

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Anonymous said...

New year, new blog entry pls!!!

...the new year's party was a blast btw. Loved that chili, need the recipe!!

J,C & o