never say never #1

Along the lines of forbidden Disney and the no-TV-unless-it's-the-NFL-or-some-other-important-sports-event (um, that's my exception to the no-TV rule) -- we also said we'd never feed our children fast food, especially McDonald's.

Yep, you're seeing it in color people. Those are my children...and that's ME...yep, me taking the picture... And no I wasn't all alone with the kids and trying to buy some peace. Monica was sitting right next to me...in fact, it was her idea to commit the evil sin. Surprising that it wasn't my idea given my love of the Big Mac. At least we can say, we bought our children their first Happy Meal. And it wasn't even at the nice McDonalds with the giant Playland by our house, it was the skeezie one at the Home Depot in the Marina.

Zoe wolfed down her cheeseburger and half of her sister's like a champion. Ella was more intersted in the fries and the fresh apple slices (both hers and her sister's...just so you know there's a give and take here).

A half an hour after the meal Zoe went behind one of the door displays and "had some privacy". Apparently, the cheeseburgers didn't agree with her system. And the worst part...her mommies had decided to take their first outing without a change of diaper.

Lesson(s) learned.


LoveDADDY said...

Way to go Zoe! Next time don't hide it behind the door. Walk right up to the counter and give it back to em' direct!

Did I mention that I can score a discount on Disney stuff? All the Princess, Mermaid, Jasmine, Snow White you could ever want/need. Let your freak flag fly little one!

Just think, cheerleading camp is right around the corner.

dwainhuron49272437 said...
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kalisekj said...
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