Every year High Times magazine hosts the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Essentially, people enter cannabis in a competion where it is judged on various criteria and the Judges choose the best bud for that year. I'm doing some research for an idea I've been noodling on and I'm wondering: a) Let's say you harvested your own super-breed of pot...How would you go about entering it in the competition? The official website is understandably vague about how one would go about transporting illegal substances internationally. And b) what happens if you win? I know that they sell the seeds from past years winners in seed shoppes all over Amsterdam...But would there be any financial rewards to winning? I was thinking that you could possibly sell your breed of pot to the pharmaceutical/medical marijuana companies... Ok, all my creative friends... Give me what you got!

Also, I'm noodling on a short story/film about a group of these Cannabis Cup judges. Doesn't that just feel like it's a Cheech & Chong / Dude, Where's My Car story waiting to happen! For anyone who is interested in becoming an official judge, it's ridiculously easy. You basically have to buy a $200 all access badge and fly yourself to Amsterdam.

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samantha said...

I love my peeps! Not only did I get an answer to my research question...but the quoted response below actually comes from a Cannabis Cup winner! I am a huge believer in degrees of separation. This was one-degree. BTW, two different people offered to put me in touch with two different Cannabis Cup winners! Way to go people!! You make me proud!

"Okay, in a nutshell: You enter the High Times Cannabis Cup through your coffeeshop or your seedbank through a rep in Amsterdam. There are no direct financial rewards for winning a cup, just exposure. In that regard it has financial reward in future sales at your coffeeshop or seed company. As you know anybody can be a judge at the High Times and it is very important to get as many "judges" as possible into your coffeeshop during the cup. Bikinis, free stuff, and free transportation to your shop have been key. Last year there were 25 coffeeshop entries. Not even the most serious of the serious judges can sample and make an accurate determination on who has the best strain over a three and a half day run. (That's were the bikinis come into play). At this point the pharmaceutical/medical marijuana companies in the Netherlands have gone out of business. The state has been unable to compete with quality and price that the coffeshops provide. There are other cannabis cups in Holland that can be entered without a coffeeshop affiliation and they have blind judging over a longer period of time. Although, here again there is no direct financial reward." -from a Cannabis Cup Winner.