generation x weekend! EEEK!

So I was driving to work this morning, flipping stations, when I came across an ad on KROQ for their programming this weekend -- hey everyone, it's GENERATION X (a.k.a. "the slacker generation") WEEKEND!! They proceeded to play a flurry of songs: Nirvana, Hole, Radiohead, Rage Against Machine, Belly, Soul Asylum -- and I suddenly realized -- OH MY GOD! I'm old enough that KROQ is pulling out my "generation" for their traditional oldies weekend! This isn't the boppy 80's crap (which I still I love). This is the hard-edged 90's stuff people...college, post-college!!!...music I still like to think is relevant! And then I realized, sweet mary! I'm looking at 40! All 40 year olds like to think they're still arbiters of hip but, c'mon, can you listen to that teeny-bopper crap?? I mean, can you "milkshake"?...and what is a "holla-back girl" anyway? (For the record, I love that song and Gwen Stefani is 37 years old). So, the point is...and I've been struggling with this for awhile...but this whole KROQ fiasco this morning made me realize that maybe I really am a "ma'am"...I hate it when those numbskulls call me "ma'am" -- can't they see that I should still be carded? I'm a generation x slacker, I don't want to be afforded respect and courtesy. And for godssakes, DO NOT ASK ME IF I WANT HELP OUT TO MY CAR WITH MY GROCERIES! I am a hipster, dirt girl...not someone's mom who proudly dyes her hair to hide the gray...Oh, wait, I am someone's mom and I do dye...could I be a ma'am, too??

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